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System Level Solutions, Inc.
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System Level Solutions, Inc.

With a strong focus on smart energy, industrial IoT, and utility-grade wireless solutions - covering metering, integration of micro generation, field operations, consumer devices, and a cloud-based open-standards for the Internet of Things (IoT) platform, SLS has successfully established as an international technology provider to multiple sectors. SLS has broadened its wings to global operations across three continents (America, Europe, and Asia), which includes more than 250 trained engineering professionals in India and they are responsible for FPGA design, PCB development, prototype development, software development, software applications, and manufacturing. Through long-established relationships with organisations such as Altera, Toshiba, Hitachi, Telefonica, Intel, Dell, BHEL and many others, SLS has earned a top-notch reputation as a products and services provider.

In recent years, SLS helped the UK governments for developing Smart Cites program by assisting SmartDCC and Telefonica with test products and infrastructure as well as assisting companies like EDMI and Toshiba for communications hubs and smart metering devices.

With a unique in-house agile capability to rapid development prototype and proof of concepts covering hardware, firmware, software and wireless - and transition to scale without traditional overheads, SLS is the agile technology product and solution partner of choice for industry.